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WayMaker Digital – Full Stack Developer (Fully Remote)

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to produce scalable software solutions. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

As a Full Stack Developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and utility.

You will be Reporting to the Head of Products for day-to-day collaboration with the product development team; you will join a core team of 3 cross-functional technical experts. This includes one other full-stack web developer, a business analyst with agile experience, a UI/UX Designer and a User Researcher.

As a team of professionals, we work in a highly collaborative environment, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in every part of the business from idea to production.

Your Responsibilities

  • Solve interesting technical problems. Bring your full creativity to solve super-challenging technical problems: from complex backend architecture with 3rd party integrations such as stripe, google calendar, video conferencing etc
  • Building Client-side UI and components. You’ll implement UI designs based on Figma mocks and our design system. You’ll collaborate with designers and frontend engineers to build user-facing features powered by your backend code.
  • Create a robust and scalable backend. Build PostgreSQL database models, performant REST API, 3rd party integrations, product analytics, error tracking, transactional email, and monitoring. We currently deploy to DigitalOcean to keep DevOps simple and will be looking for you to implement viable long-term cloud infrastructure and operations.
  • Work with modern web tech and influence the stack. We use Next.js on the front end, Node/Express on the backend, and TypeScript across the full stack to build a best-in-class client and infrastructure that scales. As we build out our stack, you get to make critical choices and lay the foundations.
  • Self-direct and Product Ownership. You’ll have autonomy and responsibility, and You’ll be involved in shaping the roadmap and owning the execution of it. You’ll be involved in building the core, user-facing product. You’ll build the product and everything behind the scenes from the ground up. Work with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions
  • Documentation. Write technical documentation with tools like Confluence/Jira

What we’re looking for

  • We don’t require formal qualifications but do value learning — especially from one another via knowledge sharing. We are looking for someone that feels a sense of duty to the users of their work.
  • Highly productive while producing quality code. You enjoy pushing out features in a pragmatic and maintainable way. You know when to use duct tape and when to lay a foundation.
  • Curious and quick learning. We don’t expect you to have experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly. Owning several features and jumping into all of them doesn’t scare you.
  • Design sensibility. While you’ll co-craft the interface with top designers we expect you to have a knack for great UX, such that you feel if something is off and can flag it or better yet, polish it.
  • Great attention to detail while pragmatic. We advocate for clean code, Git hygiene, and clear written communication and collaboration skills — all while remaining low-ego and simply focusing on solutions.
  • Passionate about best practice software development methods such as writing testable code, code review, clean code, continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, DevOps
  • Experience working in an Agile team (SCRUM)

Required skills and experience are; Next.js, Redux, Node.js, TypeScript, 3rd party API Integrations, Oauth, AWS, CI/CD DevOps Pipelines

Salary Expectations – N300,000 – N400,000 per month

Working Hours: Monday – Thursday (9AM to 5PM), Friday (9AM – 2PM)

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