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Tayo O.

” I just completed the virtual BA Bootcamp and it was well facilitated. As a BA, the course was insightful and was an additional resource to the knowledge I already had.”

Seyi O.

” The virtual Agile Business Analyst bootcamp delivered by Victor Sonde was inspiring, fascinating and engaging. The most impactful part was the wealth of resources given to aid me in becoming an effective Agile Business Analyst. Thanks to Victor and the entire team at WayMaker Digital.”

Jon J.

“The instructor’s passion to teach and mentor couldn’t have been demonstrated any better. The WayMaker Digital communities are very interactive and ever ready to offer help when called upon.”

Dimu A.

“My experience at WayMaker Digital was extremely satisfying. My Mentor supported and assisted me into trying to make the content design as good as possible. I learnt VideoScribe skills which I definitely will use for presentations in the future. This experience was a one in a lifetime opportunity that I will surely remember for the rest of my life.

Overall my experience taught me a lot of skills that i will be able to use in the future. I’am sure that you will love the experience as well when coming to this program. “

Omobola I.

“Victor provided an In depth training with practical examples which provided clarity on principles and day to day role of a Business Analyst. Highly recommended.”

Ronke A.

” The Virtual Agile and Business Analyst Bootcamp was very interactive and informative. Feeling more confident after the bootcamp.”

Ada U.

“I did my training with WayMaker Digital to gain understanding about Agile Scrum and the session was very practical and interactive and after the camp, I gained a better knowledge about Agile way of working. Fast forward to two months later, I got a job. Thank You. “


” Highly recommended training. I did the virtual bootcamp and the instructor was engaging and knowledgable. Practical in-work examples shared. Punctual start.. “

Sijuu A.

“I heard great things about WayMaker Digital Agile and Business Analyst bootcamp and I was not disappointed. The instructor Victor was engaging, inspiring and patient. He simplified the course and made it easy to understand.

I joined the virtual course and he did not make me feel I missed anything. I am excited to go out and start my new career.”

zee D.

” What a brilliant way to kick start my careerThe virtual Bootcamp was very informative and interactive. Victor is a very good listener, communicator and definitely a great leader. The engagement after the Bootcamp is effective, the WayMaker Digital Community is engaging.

I needed help with the interview and Victor was able to find an expert to guide me through my job spec. Amazing

Please keep up the excellent work.

Thank you “

David M.

“It couldn’t have been any better, WayMaker smashed it!. Lot covered in diverse areas during our Business Analyst Agile Scrum Bootcamp with practical live examples and the course trainer Mr Victor had a rare enthusiasm and clarity and was absolutely brilliant, enticing and second to none.

Love it! Keep it up.”


” I have had the great pleasure of working with Victor and being selected as part of the team to rescue a project delivery for the government services which we successfully delivered and in an exemplary fashion.

I have never worked with anyone as passionate and determined as Victor to get the project delivered within the very tight timescales. Victor is our Agile delivery leader and has an extremely practical approach the whole team resonated with the same energy thanks to Victors Leadership skills and Personality.

Victor was also very hands on and got involved in helping us with our technical backlogs which is unlike typical delivery managers.

I strongly believe any project that Victor is involved in would be a great success, he is a truly inspirational leader and knows how to get the job done.

I would definitely recommend Victor as well as jump at the opportunity of working with him again in the future. “

Joel b.

Victor was very passionate about the project we worked on. He had a great ability to zoom in on all the important details and zoom out far enough to keep the big picture in frame. He showed great focus when we were trying to define product details.

He was great to spend time with was always bright and on the ball..”

Yeman H.

” Having worked with Victor on a complex CRM implementation project for the Department for Education and seen at close quarters his ways of working, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to deliver any project.

His resilience in the face of numerous setbacks and his ability to manage and communicate with a vast network of challenging internal and external stakeholders was very impressive.

I was also struck by his inspiring leadership of the technical team and his willingness to quickly step in to remove blockers and obstacles. “

A Bindaal

Its a pleasure to work with an experienced Agile Guru like – Victor Sonde. I got a chance to work with him in Department of Education on a project where we worked on Azure implementation and data migration.

Victor’s ability to handle tense situation not only increased the productivity level of that project but enhanced the performance of all team members.

Thank you Victor, hope we will work together again in future.”

Maf'j A.

” Victor worked with me as a service delivery manager. What impressed me the most was his ability to act, interpret and deliver value between the often opposing management methodologies of agile and waterfall.

He acted with professionalism and calm during challenging times, ensuring that all stakeholders and members of the development team understood what was required.

I enjoyed working with Victor and would happily work with him again “

Umer Ehsan

Victor is an excellent, strategic-thinking Agile Business Analyst that understands the bigger picture and is capable of delivering quality output.

He’s a self-starter and will go looking for the information he needs with the resilience that a top Business Analyst needs.

It was a pleasure working with him..”


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