Why momentum?

companies need experienced staff, not JUST trained PEOPLE.

“MOMENTUM” was created to deliver the need for experienced and skilled professionals within digital technology space. As a consequence of the pandemic, digital technology solutions will remain at the forefront of innovation and economic transformation. Individuals with relevant skills and work experience will definitely continue to thrive and succeed.

After extensive research and analysis, momentum participants have access to work placement, extensive training, certification and mentoring across six disciplines, which are: 1.) Agile project management, 2.) Product management, 3.) Business analysis, 4.) User research, 5.) Data analysis and 6.) Software development.

Harvard Business School’s study found that 37% of employers rank experience as the most important qualification in an applicant, not education attainment and in large organisations (those with more than 10,000 employees), work experience is more important than a degree 44% of the time.

A recent survey by recruitment specialists Universum found that 58% leading employers value work experience among graduates more than grades or the name of their university.

success squad

We are your "conventional" human resources team, responsible for processing your work placement offer and ensure your overall happiness with the momentum experience.

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YOU ARE ONLY 7 STEPS AWAY to start working with talented people solving real issues with digital innovation.

  1. Complete an expression of interest online form
  2. Attend introductory review call to understand ways of working.
  3. Complete online order for Momentum licences and toolkit (payment can be made by debit / credit card and PayPal)
  4. Complete online skills assessment (optional).
  5. Receive job placement offer letter.
  6. Get access to work tools, training portal and resources.
  7. Start working!!!
3 or 6 months work experience placement, with verifiable references
One to one monthly career coaching and mentoring call
Working daily with talented individuals, solving real
Software licences and online access to your work tools and resources
CV Branding, Interview tips and LinkedIn Optimisation
100% access to instructor led coaching and online training portal.

hiring companies are looking for experienced people.

our associates work in multiple sectors and companies such as ...

WHAT TRAINING do I need to do the job?


“I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember. I do and I understand” – Confucius

Momentum philosophy is that knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice.  Upon offer, associates will be provided adequate training via our expert-led sessions. 

Our instructors are carefully selected industry experts across multiple domains and and thought leaders in the disciplines within our scope. In addition, you will be granted access to our online catalogue and resources library featuring hundreds of hours of online training videos by global leaders within technology; IT certification exam training toward Azure, AWS, CompTIA, Cybersecurity, Microsoft, Google, etc. 

Our online learning portal also features a mobile app for learning on-the-go and virtual labs for real time practice whenever you need to do so.

The momentum fee is a small fraction, compared to cost of degrees and certifications.

Glassdoor's Employment Confidence Surveys of 2014 and 2015 (Q1) reveal that close to 70% of the employees feel the need for specialised on the job trainings even with their degrees. Nearly 48% of the people said their degrees were not relevant to their current jobs.

For the 2020-2021 academic year the approximate price for one year at an in-state public college is $26,250 (including tuition, room, board and other fees), for a total cost of $105120 for four years. Four years at a private institution is approximately $219, 520.

Recently many leading companies have changed their approach about requiring degrees, including Google, Netflix, Tesla, IBM, Penguin Random House, Bank of America, Hilton and Apple.

There are many high-paying jobs and fast growing careers that emphasise work experience, such as web development, product management, and other tech-related positions.

Momentum fee covers career guidance, one to one mentoring, CV revamp, Linkedin profile enhancement, professional coaching, online courses, IT certification preparation and access to training resources during work placement.

3 months - £1,199 + VAT
6 months - £1,499 + VAT

work tools and daily practice

At Momentum, the product research, user experience design and software development teams work in an agile ways and we adopt design thinking practices.

The daily practice places much value on individuals and interactions above processes and tools. However, our associates use industry standards tools and software to execute their day jobs. Examples are Slack, Telegram, Jira, Trello, Confluence, Miro, Mural, GSuite, Github, etc

job placements

1. Agile project management

2. product management

3. user experience research

4. business analysis

5. web application development

6. data analysis and reporting

Currently there are placement opportunities for six disciplines so apply today and start your dream job. Participants can also switch or combine roles at any point in time.

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