How LinkedIn is Becoming the Platform of Choice for Business Growth

LinkedIn is gradually becoming the leading social network platform of choice for business and professionals mainly because a company can showcase brand potential by publishing valuable content that helps them to leverage on the professional membership of the platform while building social capital/brand reputation. We have created some fantastic connections from LinkedIn as a platform, and some connections have turned out to become good customers/clients for our business.

There is also the expansive reach of the LinkedIn platform which is said to be around 530 million users across 150+ countries around the globe, which means that user-generated content is visible to LinkedIn members (potential customers) globally. Therefore, it is a productive outlet to get the attention of your audience, and you can be confident that you’re speaking to a potential clientele because members display their professional status on the platform unlike similar social network platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. These platforms equally have their unique purpose for Brand growth strategies.

In spite of the above, there are many cases where small business executives are not able to leverage on the potential business growth opportunities on LinkedIn to generate clients lead and bringing in more sales revenue.

This post will highlight four ways that LinkedIn help to build your brand and market your services or products.

Here are three ways LinkedIn can help boost your business


If you enjoy staying in front of prospects and clients, LinkedIn is the place you have to be active.  I will highlight three ways to use LinkedIn Groups to build relationships that culminate in creating thought leadership. This also ensures that you’re staying top of mind with your connections while strengthening professional relationships with your audience to generate fresh opportunities.

a.) Leveraging on the experience of a LinkedIn group

Creating a group on LinkedIn is an excellent way to generate leads for your business, make new connections and establish yourself as a voice in your field. The combined variety of individual experiences within a group can be leveraged on to generate new ideas and validate business decisions. Before launching your group on LinkedIn, I recommend spending some quality time to review some favourite LinkedIn groups. This will serve as guidelines for you in setting up your group. Here are a few recommendations for starters:

b.) Use of keywords in your group’s post title and description

This makes it more searchable in both LinkedIn’s internal search function, and even in Google.

Your company’s blog and website should be linked to the groups on the page; this will help in driving traffic to your website resources.

c.) Add your blog’s RSS feed on the group page

This is so that members of the group can directly receive email alerts for new posts and group conversations. The advantage of creating a LinkedIn group is that it provides an opportunity to build a better relationship with members of your group without your message getting lost when shared on the main LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn groups also create business leads and drive traffic to your business website.


LinkedIn should be included within your brands and content marketing strategies. LinkedIn as a social network has established itself early as a place for companies to connect with team members, potential employees and even professional customers. Individuals should also leverage on the channel to share thought leadership content. The format and context by which LinkedIn is designed to help to label it as trustworthy and professional


LinkedIn allows you to connect with the individuals behind other brands., and it also allows you to share your experience and opinion on related topics, and also get opinions from professionals in the industry. A lot of professionals are looking for expert opinions on contemporary issues affecting them or how to deal with difficult or situations. As a Thought Leader in your domain, you have a responsibility for bringing up relevant issues and providing solutions to these challenges. Likewise, you validate and acknowledge good input from your network. This shows to prove that you value other people’s ideas and they will be more open and encouraged to share their opinions in future.

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