5 Awesome Benefits of Professional Mentoring

Starting a new career journey is exciting especially for young folks who are just climbing the professional rung be it in entrepreneurship or a professional white-collar setting; there is a lot you can learn from professional mentoring to shorten your learning curve and propel you for fast-paced career success. Imagine that you can overcome making certain mistakes just by having a mentor who coaches you through the path they have been. Don’t have a professional mentor? Here are 5 reasons to get one.

1. Shorten the learning curve:

Having a mentor who has experience in your field with a wealth of knowledge shortens your learning curve. He or she offers professional advice and guidance to you which helps you avoid making mistakes they made. You get to run your ideas through them seeking clarifications and counsel. A mentor will also point you in the right direction regarding investing in your continued education and training for professional growth.

2. Propel success through accountability:

To make the best of a mentoring opportunity, you need to keep your mentor updated on projects you are working on and on strides made. You run your ideas through them and in turn, they demand accountability from you by running constant checks on you to keep track of your progress. Having someone who holds you accountable propels your success by keeping you committed and dedicated to success with regular feedbacks.

3. Expand your network and connections:

Being an experienced significant other in your industry, a professional mentor paves the way and open doors to relationships and networks that will be valuable to your professional success. As an older person in the game, he knows which doors to knock on and can facilitate your easy access to industry top-level executives and gurus. He also gives you visibility and recognition.

4. Overcome challenges at work:

As you grow and build your career, you will encounter hurdles, roadblocks, and challenges from co-workers, business partners, clients or customers. A mentor offers invaluable advice on how to best handle situations because there is a good chance he or she has been through a similar situation.

5. Career Progression:

Having a mentor comes with another benefit of being privy to jobs or business opportunities in your industry. In most cases, older and more experienced people in the industry who already have valuable contacts are usually the first to get information on new job opportunities before they are advertised to the public. If you are looking to change career paths or move from one organization to the other, your mentor can introduce you to a potential employer having known your skills and competencies.

Introducing “Momentum” by WayMaker Digital

“Momentum” – our fully remote digital work placement at WayMaker Digital.“MOMENTUM” was created to deliver the need for experienced and skilled professionals within the digital technology space. At WayMaker Digital, we have discovered that companies/recruiters need experienced staff not just trained people. Recently many leading companies have changed their approach about requiring degrees, including Google, Netflix, Tesla, IBM, Penguin Random House, Bank of America, Hilton and Apple.

There are many high-paying jobs and fast growing careers that emphasise work experience, such as web development, product management, and other tech-related positions.

Momentum fees would be used to cover private mentoring, on the job coaching, licencing for toolkits, work resources and training portal access across six technology-related disciplines highlighted below:

  1. Agile Project Management
  2. Product Management
  3. User Experience Research
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Web Application Development
  6. Data Analysis and Reporting

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