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3 Project Management Trends to Watch for in 2022

Over time, systems and technology have evolved from sticky notes to business SaaS. Project management trends in 2022 continue to change with new technologies and management philosophies, and businesses must catch up or fail.

AI may seem like a far-fetched idea given the fact that digital giants like Facebook and Google are leading the digital industry. Due to 2020’s volatility in the pandemic, there were massive shutdowns that caused huge repercussions we are experiencing to this date. These upheavals have shaped 2022 project management trends as businesses scramble to adopt new methods.

With that in mind, we asked experts for their top 3 project management trends to watch for in 2022.

AI-enhance project management tools.   

The most basic characteristics of Artificial Intelligence are its ability to rapidly analyze huge amounts of data, discover patterns in that data, learn from that data, and predict the future. Automation in project management is and will continue to be a developing trend due to its ability to monitor certain trends while predicting project outcomes and situations.

Using AI to automate a number of tedious and time-consuming tasks can increase productivity in the workplace. Project managers will be able to have a better understanding of the probable outcomes of a project, which will lead to better decisions.

Cloud-based project management software

Up to this date, the majority do not want to return to their offices full-time. It seems likely that remote working will continue for the foreseeable future, despite the global pandemic forcing businesses to allow employees to work remotely due to safety concerns.

This is where Cloud-based project management tools come in. These solutions can be deployed internationally for hybrid or remote workforces to manage tasks and projects seamlessly. The program can track, verify, and utilize all pertinent data to help project managers make more informed decisions in real-time, regardless of shift timings and locations.

Data-driven analytics

Every day, companies of all sizes generate tons of data. It’s wise to use data to make decisions. Data analytics and reporting help project managers see scope creep, assess progress, and more.

AI analytics provide a complete picture of the organization and its tasks. They provide granular visibility into activities and provide custom reports to showcase data for project managers. With these technologies, project managers may make educated decisions in real time instead of using manually prepared reports.

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