access enormous value for your business, by leveraging technology and insights from data



With our wealth of expertise in sourcing and managing software projects, we help to identify technology solutions you need to thrive in your business. We deliver skilled capabilities such as Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon web services and Azure, as and when required by our clients.


We collaborate with our clients to clarify product vision and business model, to learn valuable lessons quickly (failing fast) and deliver success early. We use hard data to prioritise product design roadmap and gain new insights; and continuously test and improve the service based on users’ feedback.


We started out in the education space and it remains the bedrock of our business growth. We produce career acceleration products for millennials, gen z and baby-boomers; and support them via expert coaching, one to one / group mentoring and career experience program. Our business education products are aimed towards startups, entrepreneurs and small medium enterprises, focused on process improvements, outsourcing, digital marketing and innovation products to help them serve their customers better.


Forward Thinking Clients.

About Us.

Curious About what we do?

WayMaker Digital provides technology consulting, product design and information products, that enable our clients to consistently thrive and innovate to meet user needs. The quality of our experiences and ideas set us apart when it comes to service delivery, customer experience design and product development. 

Our team of consultants have built digital experiences for leading brands with complex business scenarios ranging from startup companies to public services and from telecoms to e-commerce; no project deliverable is too complex.

Our approach: we adopt human-centred & design thinking models to solve complex business challenges, which ensure our clients are on top of their business.

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